Drum screen 1

Drum screen 1
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Drum screen 1 Drum screen 1 Drum screen 1

Transparent panels made in plexiglass, engineered for excellent sound deflection and mechanical resistence. All hinges are made with a special combine of silicon and pvc which guarantee high resistence and flexibility for a perfect latch of more panels. Using five panels we guarantee a front deflection of 17dB, it can also be placed behind the drum kit to reflect more sound toward the audience in outdoor venues. Optional carry bag.

Panel measurements:

  • L. 50cm x H. 75cm, tickness 5,00mm
  • L. 50cm x H. 150cm, tickness 5,00mm

Standard package: H.150cm n. 4 panels - H.75cm n. 3 panels

Bag measurements: 155cm x 55cm x 10cm

NOTE: all our products are manufactured in compliance with European laws and regulations, are correlated with certifications which attest the fire-proof classification, are eco-friendly and exclusively Made in Italy.

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