• “MUSIX extreme perfomance” is the assembled cable series for exigent musicians
  • Use of O.F.C. red copper
  • Instrument and microfphone cables with the use of 7,00 diameter cable
  • metal body connectors 
  • Preheat soldering method which guarantees a perfect connection between the cable and the connectors
  • High electrical insulation PVC jacket
  • High shielding coverage, which grants the cable high quality standards and top-level resistance to the mechanical solicitations repeated over the time.
  • Extra flexible external jacket made with the addition of silicon, which makes the cable durable and smooth to the touch.
  • “Musix extreme” guarantees noiseless sound performances and lack of signal distortion over the time
  • All cables are manufactured according to the Directive 2002/95/EC - RoHS compliance.
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