1. Red oxygen free copper (O.F.C.) - Elettrolytic red pure copper with O.F.C. treatment and 101% I.A.C.S. conductivity.

  1. Polyvinyl cloride (PVC) insulation.

  1. Superflex polyethylene insulation.

Professional speaker cable characterized by O.F.C. red copper and super flexible outer jacket which guarantee high fatigue strength over the time and excellent abrasion resistance. We guarantee high sound performance at any frequency without signal distortion.       

Technical features:

Conductor material: OFC spiral pure red copper electrolytic refined

Conductor size: 2 x 1,50 mm2

Conductor stranding: 48 x 0,193 mm

Insulation material: Special quality PVC “T12” level

Classified: CEI EN 50363-0 TI1   

Insulation stranding: 0,63mm

Insulation diameter: 2,80mm ± 0,05mm

Color: Red / Blue

Outer jacket: Combine of vulcanazied silicon and super flexible pvc satin smooth surface

Hardness: 60±2 Sh-A

Nominal outer diameter: 7,40mm

Conductor electrical resistance: 12,6 Ω/Km

Rated temperature: -20 / 70 °C at fixed installation

Rated temperature: 300 / 300 V

Jacket color: Black

Packaging: 100 mt reels